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    Reactor and the reasons for the failure phenomenon

    Date: 2019-06-09      Hit: 1326

    Common symptoms and causes

    1, failure phenomenon: leakage at the sealing surface. Cause: loose screw thread; sealing surface damage. Remedy: re-tighten the screw; re-grinding polished sealing surface. 

    2, fault phenomenon: there is a leak at the valve. Failure: the stem (pin), valve port sealing surface damage. Remedy: repair, replace the stem (pin), valve port. 

    3, the failure phenomenon: external magnet rotating inside the magnet does not turn the motor current decreases. Cause: too high temperature within the reactor, cooling circulation, temperature inside the magnet due to magnetic faded. Hydrogenation reaction, sets of cracks within the magnet, the magnet inside the expansion. Remedy: notify suppliers, to replace the internal magnet. 

    4, failure phenomena: magnetic coupling with friction inside the transmission noise. Cause: bushings, bearings wear, the gap is too large, rotating magnet inside the beating occurs. Remedy: Contact with suppliers, replacement bearings, bushings.